Leading chemical blending company in Cape Town

We specialize in food and beverage cleaning chemicals, water treatment chemicals and animal feed additives. All our products are SABS approved and carry the SANS 1827, 1828 and 1853 approvals. As for our range of animal feed additives, they are all registered under Act 36 of the Department of Agriculture.

Chemical Blending Company

We can mix products to your needs and specifications as well as formulate new products depending on your requirements. Should you require any information regarding our products, consultancy or tailor-made solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

We have a network of Distributors for our products throughout South Africa. These Distributors are  established and respected Companies  within the client base we serve, and they will ensure that our products and services are available from a supplier close to you. For clients outside of the Western Cape, please contact us and we will arrange for a local Distributor to attend to your requests and product supply.

Established in 2000, Techniblend is a leading chemical blending company based in Cape Town that distributes within Southern Africa and World Wide. We provide competitively priced SABS approved products backed by exceptional levels of service.

The owners have extensive industry experience and are committed to building solid client relationships. Our reputation for excellence continues to build our business. A ‘solutions-based’ company.


Contract Manufacturing & Distribution

These are pre-registered with SABS and are available to clients to redistribute under their own label.

Our factory is equipped to carry out powder and liquid blending operations to your specification.

We have dedicated mixing vessels for feed, food and non-food production items. Packaging size can be from 25l or 25kg up to 1000lt or 1000kg lots.

Smaller packaging can be arranged on request.

We have a comprehensive range of tried and tested chemical formulations on hand which cover the following industries:

Food and Beverage 
Water Treatment
Boiler Treatment
Effluent Treatment   
General Industrial Cleaning
Marine/Shipping combustion additives
Farming and Livestock Production

- Products -

Food and Beverage

We have over 50 years of combined knowledge in this field. Techniblend are manufacturers and suppliers of their own extensive range of sanitizers and detergents for the food and beverage industry.

All our products are approved by SABS under the SANS 1828 and 1853 mark. Our clients represent all branches of Food and Beverage manufacturing. We also provide in house surveys and audits to assess and recommend on hygiene programs. We undertake staff training programs and make sure we are up to date with the very best technology available.

Should you need a specific product for any application, please feel free to contact us for assistance, so that we can provide a tailor-made solution suited to your specific needs.

Water treatment

Techniblend has a comprehensive range of products to cover the following areas:

*Descaling chemicals
*Boiler chemicals
*Cooling tower chemicals
*Water softeners
*Reverse Osmosis
*pH and conductivity control
*Water purification
*Effluent Treatments and flocculants

All our water treatment chemicals are SABS approved and carry the SANS 1827 mark.
Here at Techniblend, we provide a consultancy service allowing our trained specialists to assess your problem and produce a tailor-made solution specially formulated for your needs.

Please contact our team of specialists for more advice

Feed Additives

The range of products which we manufacture consists of:
*Mould growth inhibitors
*Salmonella/Pathogen inheritors
*Mycotoxin binders
*Omega 3 additives
*New line Fish Oil powders
*New line low inclusion pellet binders.

Feed additives come in many forms and cater for a variety of needs, we can also custom blend, premixes and additive blends to your specification. Speak to our specialist team for more information.

Specialty Biocides and Niche Products


* Unique water fed pathogen control for all livestock types
* Selective for commercially important pathogens
* Does not kill digestive bacteria/gut flora
* Non-corrosive


* High foaming antibacterial detergent for control of Listeria spp and other pathogens

Specialty Biocides that help control Corona Virus


* A patented molecule of Poly Hexa Meta Biguanide
* Multi-purpose application
* Fast acting
* Broad spectrum. Effective even against hard to kill bacteria and viruses
* Long lasting kill effect after application
* Safe to use on all equipment and vehicle
* Proven effectiveness against Corona virus***


* Fogging/fumigation biocide
* A blend of anti-fungal, antisporulant and broad-spectrum biocides
* Highly effective against Aspergillus spp
* Presented in fogging total release canisters or bulk for manual fogging/spraying
* Proven effectiveness against Coronavirus***

Stay Safe

- Hand Sanitisers -

There is a perception that ONLY alcohol-based hand sanitisers can be used and are effective in helping control infection. This is NOT THE CASE. And in fact, alcohols have several drawbacks.

They dry out the skin with constant use. They have no long-lasting effect and if they are not at the correct strength, either too weak or too strong, then they do not work well. Whilst we have alcohol based hand sanitisers on our range, we would rather recommend you consider our non-alcohol product, Vantocil, which we believe is a much more user friendly, effective and versatile product, and has none of the drawbacks associated with alcohol.


Traditional 70% IPA blend


* Based on Vantocil a patented molecule
* Proven effectiveness against Corona virus strains ***
* Continues to kill organisms up to 12 hours after application
* Does not dry out skin
*** data available on request