Imazigard - Disinfectant Aerosol fogger

Imazigard is a blend of Broad Spectrum anti-Fungal/ Anti-Sporulant, Anti-bacterial and Anti-Viruside aerolol fogger.

Directions for use:
Concentrate – 1 ml per 1 ℓ  (Surface Spray/Fogging)
 1 ℓ sufficient to spray 7 500 square meters
 1 ℓ sufficient to fog 1570 mᵌ

Contact Time:
Surface Spray (WSC)   5 to 10 minutes (Allow to Air Dry)
IMAZIGARD is safe to use under all management systems
IMAZIGARD is non-toxic to both animals and humans, and does not irritate the skin and eyes
IMAZIGARD is non-corrosive and can be used on all surfaces and materials
IMAZIGARD has proven effectiveness against all commercially important yeasts, molds, bacteria and viruses.

Directions for use:

Aerosol fogger:
•Use As Supplied To Fumigate Spaces Up To A Volume Of 150 Mᵌ
•Place The Canister On The Floor, Close All Windows And Doors, Activate The Fogger 
•Allow 15 – 30 Min  To Disperse Before Re-entry

Aerosol Spray
Replace Fogger Trigger With The Aerosol Nozzle Supplied With The Canister And Use As Traditional Aerosol Spray To Sanitize Surfaces
•Spray Onto Pre-cleaned Surfaces And Allow To Air Dry

Imazigard Aerosol Fogger/Spray has no adverse side effects on people, animals and is ecologically friendly, biodegradable, non – corrosive, non irritating to skin and eyes.

Areas of Use:
*Poultry / Ostrich
•Hatcheries  (Egg Holding/Setter/Hatcher)          
•Chick Holding Rooms
•Transport Vehicles
•Breeder Nest Spray
*Chick Houses – Preplacement Fumigation

•Milk Sterilisation Of Fresh Milk And Yogurt Tanks
•Cold Room And Delivery Truck
•Cheese Sterilisation Of Milk Storage Tanks
•Production Areas And Process Vats
•Finished Cheese Holding Rooms And Cold Storage Areas

•Sanitation Of Vet Waiting Rooms At Closure
•Kennels And Catteries
•Operating Rooms
•Surface Sanitation